Seeking to convert your household appliances from gas to electricity? Require the services of an experienced gas plumber in Canberra? Kennedy Plumbing & Gas is a licensed gas plumber that provides gas to electric conversions in Canberra and the ACT. We can help you transition from “gas to efficient electric technology” – as per the ACT Climate Change Strategy.

What is the ACT Climate Change Strategy?

The ACT Climate Change Strategy is the ACT Government’s plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045. The abolition of natural gas forms part of this strategy. Natural gas is a fossil fuel responsible “for more than 20%” of greenhouse emissions in the ACT.

The ACT Government is currently drafting legislation to ban “gas infrastructure in new suburbs” and “gas connections in suburban infill developments from 2023.” It doesn’t want residents to panic but rather move away from natural gas over time.

Gas to Electric Conversions – A Practical Approach

Transitioning from gas to electricity needn’t be complicated: just replace old gas appliances (due for renewal) with new electric ones. Kennedy Plumbing & Gas can help you transition by removing the old gas appliance (disabling the gas outlet in the process) and connecting the new electric one. Our skilled team takes care of the plumbing and electrical components (we utilise a trusted 3rd party electrician). In addition, we dispose of your old gas appliance in an eco-friendly manner.

Appliances We Convert from Gas to Electricity

When it’s time to upgrade your old gas appliances, Kennedy Plumbing & Gas has you covered for gas to electric conversions in Canberra and the ACT. We can help you covert the following appliances from gas to electricity:-

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas heating systems (ducted heating and hydronic)
  • Add-on cooling systems
  • Gas ovens, cooktops, and stoves
  • Gas clothes dryers
  • Gas fireplaces

We can also assist with the decommissioning of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders.

ACT Government Incentives for Gas to Electric Conversions

The ACT Government has several schemes to help residents transition from gas to electricity.

Sustainable Household Scheme

Subject to approval, “zero-interest loans” from $2,000 to $15,000 are available to ACT residents “to buy energy-efficient products.” Loans need to be paid back “over up to 10 years.” The scheme is a partnership between the ACT Government and Brighte (a finance company helping people finance eco-friendly solutions).

The following household items are some of the things that can be financed under the Sustainable Household Scheme:-

  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Household battery storage systems
  • Electric heating and cooling systems
  • Hot water heat pumps (HWHP)
  • Electric stove tops

For further information on the Sustainable Household Scheme, please visit:

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS)

Under the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS), participating electricity retailers offer “energy saving upgrades.” For example, ActewAGL provides financial incentives to its customers to upgrade from gas hot water and heating systems to electric ones.

More information on the EEIS can be found at:

A list of other ACT Government schemes that encourage gas to electric conversions in Canberra and the ACT can be found at:

For further information on gas to electric conversions in Canberra and the ACT, please call Kennedy Plumbing & Gas on 0422 751 560.