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Plumbing leaks are not only annoying, but costly (both environmentally and financially) – a single leaking tap wastes around 250 litres of water per year. Not surprisingly, leaking toilets are in another league altogether (water wastage can be as high as 60-litres per hour). If you notice a leaking tap, shower, toilet or pipe, a Canberra plumber like Kennedy Plumbing & Gas can help.

Kennedy Plumbing & Gas is your go-to Canberra plumber for dripping / leaking taps, leaking showers and leaking toilets – not to mention leaking hot water systems and pipes. As experienced plumbers, we pride ourselves on locating and repairing any plumbing leak causing you concern. If you suspect a leaking shower or hot water system, it’s best to call us sooner rather than later.

Leaking Taps

Leaking taps are a common occurrence in many Canberra homes. Although the water loss might seem minuscule, leaking taps can cost a small fortune over time. In many cases, a new tap washer solves the problem; however, leaking taps can be symptomatic of more serious issues, such as excessive water pressure.

Leaking Toilets

Leaking toilets are usually easy to spot: they often make a “running water” sound (when not in use), leak at the base and/or give off a sewerage smell (hydrogen sulphide). Notwithstanding this, leaking toilets can sometimes be difficult to detect (if your water bill increases unexpectedly, your toilet could be the problem). Ideally, leaking toilets should be fixed immediately (to save water and money).

Leaking Showers

Leaking showers are commonly caused by building movement – resulting from internal / external vibrations and natural temperature / moisture changes. When a building (eg. your home) moves, the grout and waterproofing sealant in your shower can weaken. Symptoms of a leaking shower include wet floors / smelly carpet, paint bubbling on walls, excessive mould and swollen timber (doors, window frames, etc).

Pipe Repairs

Leaking water pipes can cause dampness and, in more serious cases, flooding. Leaking water pipes are commonly caused by tree roots, corrosion or blockages (leading to changes in water pressure that crack pipes). If you discover a water pipe leaking in your home, turn off your water main (usually found at the front of your block) and call a licensed Canberra plumber.

To organise an appointment to inspect or fix a leaking tap, shower, pipe or toilet in the Canberra region, please call Kennedy Plumbing & Gas on 0422 751 560. Our licensed plumbers are here to help.