Blocked Drain Canberra - Kennedy Plumbing and Gas

Kennedy Plumbing & Gas recently attended a customer’s residence in Kaleen, Canberra, who contacted the team and reported they had a blocked drain. Our team specialises in clearing blocked drains in Canberra, and with the use of our high-pressure water Jetter, our Plumber jetted and eeled the properties drain in order to successfully clear the blockage.

As Kaleen is one of the more established suburbs of Canberra, our plumber suspected that the issue could be tree roots which were blocking the drain. We used our Rigid camera system and monitor along with our Ridged locator, which enters the pipe and transmits a frequency. We discovered tree roots which had entered into the older Earthenware Pipe through the rubber joint. This joint works to seal on the collar where the pipes join together.

The Kaleen residence is situated on a large block which unfortunately experiences poor drainage access. In order to resolve this issue for our customer, our plumbing team brought in an excavator to dig up the problem area. We put an I.O (Inspection Opening) which is raised to the surface for easy access allowing for easier drain cleaning in the future.

Most of our plumber callouts here in Canberra and surrounding areas are to clear a blocked drain. More often than not, most blocked drains in Canberra are a result of tree root obstruction, resulting in a very unpleasant smell or overflow of waste or water at your premises.

If you or someone you know is having issues with a blocked drain, please contact the team here at Kennedy Plumbing and Gas where we have the knowledge, tools and experience to assist with all plumbing problems.