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Blocked Drains

blocked drain Canberra - Kennedy Plumbing and Gas

Kennedy Plumbing & Gas is equipped with latest Jetters, CCTV camera’s and locating devices in the ACT, Canberra. We have knowledge in all aspects of plumbing, including drainage, which enables us to quickly locate the source of the blockage/s.

High Pressure Water Jetter

Blocked Drains can occur often around Canberra with Earthenware piping systems which are used in the majority of older homes. Tree roots, grease, broken pipes and baby wipes are the four main causes of blocked drains. Most blockages can be easily unblocked with a Jetter machine, at 5000psi and 25Litres / min going through your drain, this high-pressure drain cleaning machine will have any of your slow draining toilets and overflowing blocked drains around Canberra freely flowing. Not only can the Jetter clear blocked drains, but we also provide the following services if required :

  • Stormwater cleans and clearing
  • Stormwater sumps and garage drains cleans and clearing
  • Downpipes cleans and clearing
  • Driveway and footpath cleans
  • Spray paint and paint stripping

Jetter nozzles and heads can be intermittently changed depending on the jobs needs. Grease blockages cannot be cleared completely unless using a jetter. A special jetter head which produces a ring of water pulls the grease back from the lining of the pipe which then enables the pipe to take its full load capacity of water and other debris.

High Definition CCTV drain camera & Locating device

With the latest technology in CCTV camera’s and locating devices, we are able to pin point within centimetres the actual cause and location of the blockage. To be able to preform this, we firstly need to clear the drain of any build up of water or excess grease & debris. Kennedy Plumbing & Gas performs blocked drain clearing in Canberra & Surrounds on a daily basis and no job has yet been unresolved. Our camera in connected to a portable colour monitor which shows us on site exactly what is happening inside the drain. The monitor will not only tell us how many metres of cable we have put into the drain, but it can also record. This way the operator can give a voice over in detail of what is happening inside the drain for someone who may not have knowledge in this particular industry. This way the customer can see & hear first hand what the issue is inside the drain. We are also able to provide a linked copy for your records. The camera head is fitted with a Sonde, this allows us to locate the camera head & also allows us to see what depth the pipe is underground in-case it needs to be excavated. This saves our customers valuable time, therefore saving you money.

Scheduled plumbing inspections are the easiest way to protect your plumbing systems and avoid blocked drains Canberra. Recurring blocked drains normally means your drain has tree roots which have made there way in through joints (Earthenware pipe), or cracks. The best way to fix this issue is replacing the affected areas, but it you cannot afford this, we can do 6monthly drain clears which will normally prevent a blockage depending on the severity of the damage.

How can you tell you have a blocked drain?

There are a few simple ways to tell if you have a blocked drain :

  • Slow draining water
  • Smells coming through pipes
  • Toilet will not flush properly
  • Overflowing from ORG (overflow relief gully) this is located on the outside of the house and usually has a round grate over the top allowing access.

If you are still unsure if you have a blocked drain in Canberra, please call us today and we can help you diagnose the issue over the phone 0422 751 560.

With Kennedy Plumbing & Gas having over 11 years of experience in all areas of plumbing, we have the right solution in any circumstance to sort our your plumbing issues. Please feel free to contact us today.