Blocked stormwater drains, pipes and ties are fairly common in Canberra. However, many property owners only call for help when flooding occurs or gutters overflow. In this blog post, we provide the rundown on blocked stormwater drains, pipes and ties in Canberra (and discuss how to recognise potential problems).

What is a stormwater system?

A stormwater system is an interconnected series of pipes, drains and gutters that’s designed to remove excess rainwater from your property. A good stormwater system captures the rain runoff from your roof, driveway, paths and paved areas.

What is a stormwater tie?

A stormwater tie is the connection that runs from the edge of your property to the stormwater main in the street. A stormwater tie runs across public land (usually a nature strip), and is the sole responsibility of Roads ACT – a local government body. If there’s a problem with the stormwater tie, you don’t have to pay to fix it.*

* Pending approval, Kennedy Plumbing & Gas is authorised to work on behalf of Roads ACT to repair or unblock stormwater ties.

What are the signs of a blocked stormwater drain, pipe or tie?

There are a number of signs that indicate your stormwater system requires unblocking:-

  • Water flows over your roof guttering during a rain event.
  • The immediate area surrounding your home floods after heavy rainfall.
  • An unpleasant smell emanates from your roof guttering (stagnant water often smells like rotten eggs).
  • The slot drains or stormwater pits on your property overflow.
  • Your internal ceilings have water damage (this could also indicate a roof problem).

Blocked stormwater drains, pipes and ties require a Canberra plumber that specialises in drainage issues. Kennedy Plumbing & Gas is highly experienced when it comes to blocked drainage systems in Canberra.

What are the causes of a blocked stormwater drain, pipe or tie?

The common causes of a blocked stormwater drain, pipe or tie are as follows:-

  • Roof gutters and downpipes are cluttered with debris (usually leaves and silt) – urgent clearing is required.
  • Slot drains and stormwater pits around your home (or in your garden) become clogged with grass, leaves, silt, bark and mulch.
  • Physical deterioration of stormwater pipes (common in older homes and suburbs).
  • Tree root damage to stormwater pipes (common in homes with mature gardens).

If you don’t clear your gutters and drains regularly, there’s a good chance your stormwater system will eventually become blocked.

Who’s responsible for a blocked stormwater drain, pipe or tie in Canberra?

All stormwater issues on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. Blocked or damaged stormwater ties are the responsibility of Roads ACT.

How do I arrange for stormwater drain, pipe or tie repairs?

You need to contact a local stormwater plumber who understands how to fix blocked stormwater drains, pipes and ties in Canberra. Ideally, the plumber you select should have experience dealing with Roads ACT, especially if your problem involves a stormwater tie.

What equipment is required to repair a blocked stormwater drain, pipe or tie?

A Canberra plumber specialising in stormwater issues should at least possess a pipe camera, sonde and electric eel. More established plumbers in Canberra, such as Kennedy Plumbing & Gas, are likely to possess a mini excavator as well.

To organise a local stormwater plumber in Canberra, please call Kennedy Plumbing & Gas on 0422 751 560.